Katie’s Take: Little House in the Big Woods

“The Little House in the Big Woods” is a great book for the ages eight and up.  In my opinion it is an important book to read and it also makes you realize just how lucky we are that we don’t have to go out and hunt for food or travel in a wagon to go to town.  And even though Mary and Laura are younger than me they have gone through a lot more than I have.

My beginning thoughts on this book weren’t at all right.  Even though the girls did pick flowers occasionally and sew, there were also some (how do I put this) GROSS 🙂 parts.  Like the pig’s bladder, pig’s tail sizzling, etc.  The way that Laura describes all the details in the book though made you think that you could actually smell, taste, and feel everything going on inside the story.  The hanging a deer on a tree part kind of caught me off guard though.  I never knew that people did that.  And when Laura was surprised her dad hadn’t caught a deer I was thinking of what I would have thought if my dad had come home and hung a dead deer on the palm tree in front of our house.  And my thoughts were that my dad had gone a little crazy and I think my neighbors would agree.

Now about the characters.                                                                                                             Ma: There isn’t much to say about Ma except that shes hard working, sweet, pretty, and a good dancer.                                                                                                              Pa: Pa seems to be a great dad, husband, hunter, friend, and craftsman.  He is a hard worker and is the perfect kind of guy to live in the woods.                               Mary: Mary to me can be an awesome sister at times, a boring sister at times, and a mean sister at times.  For example when Mary and Laura were getting wood and Mary said blond curls were better than brown curls was mean.  And Mary got what she deserved when Laura slapped her on the cheek.                        Laura: Laura seems to be pretty well behaved for her age, but can be a brat at times.  Like when she had to sit in the corner for doing something wrong and not getting the punishment other kids would have gotten she was all grumpy.  However most of the time she was well behaved and polite.

In conclusion I think that his book would be best for ages eight and up.  You never get too old to read this book.  All in all I loved this book and would recommend to any kind of reader.

The End


4 responses to “Katie’s Take: Little House in the Big Woods

  1. Great review Katie! I especially liked how you compared Laura’s experience to your own. (I giggled thinking about your dad bringing home a deer and hanging it in your front yard) 🙂
    BTW, Ellie says HI!!

  2. thanks. Can you tell the family I said hi and to Beezer and Ginger give them a kiss on the head for me please.

  3. Great thoughts on this one, Katie! I appreciate the way you go through each of the main characters and offer your thoughts. I especially agree with your views on Mary and Laura. 😀

  4. Thanks. The reason I can do better with Mary and Laura is because I babysit some kids like them.

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