Moving on

I’m ready to begin Half Magic, but Katie still needs to finish up a couple of chapters of LHOTP, so I guess I need to wait.  Don’t want to get out of sync so early in the going!

We just got the first disc of Disney’s  Little House on the Prairie from Netflix, so we’ll watch that when we’re all finished up with the book and let you know what we think.  I decided on this mini-series version rather than the  well-known series because, for one thing, it’s just 2 discs rather than years’ worth of episodes.  Also, I’ve never seen it and according to reviews that folks gave it on Amazon, it sticks closer to the books than the Michael Landon version.  (Katie saw a bit of the series for the first time recently while flipping through TV channels and indicated that she was quite unimpressed with the acting.)

Now I’m off to get a copy of Half Magic from the library so we can both read it at the same time!


7 responses to “Moving on

  1. I highly recommend you watch the pilot (2 hour) premiere of the Michael Landon Little House. It depicts the journey from the Big Woods to Kansas and is very, very good. After that episode, the series moves on to Plum Creek and isn’t necessarily true to the book, though it’s still very good. 🙂

  2. From Pilot, Little House on the Prairie –

    From Plum Creek (Country Girls, On the Banks of Plum Creek) –

  3. Sorry! I kept having trouble closing the brackets!! 😆

    Here is the part I was trying to post above from the episode “Country Girls”, which is inspired from a chapter in On the Banks of Plum Creek. The other video (above) is the first part of the show’s pilot, inspired by the book Little House on the Prairie.

  4. Even as you speak, I’ve been listening to an audio CD of Half Magic. I so love that book! I read it as a kid and then read it to my kids. All of Edward Eager’s books are fabulous. I think my favorite is Seven-Day Magic, but Half Magic was the first one I ever read, and it definitely holds up to rereadings and rereadings.

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