Katie’s Take: Little House on the Prairie

My mom and I think that this book should be renamed the little house of terror.  Between the fires, the Indians, and the sickness it seems like the Ingalls never get a rest.  It was a good thing when Laura found super strength to pull Mary and Carrie away from the burning log while they were still sitting on the rocking chair.

As with the last book I loved it.  I think that I liked this book better than the last because it had more action.  Mary is probably my least favorite person because she doesn’t want to be exciting like Laura.  Ma and Pa are still the same, but they seem to be even more brave than last book.  When they had to get ready for the prairie fire, it was coming at them so fast.   There is so much to say about this book I will just give you a short summary of it.

Every chapter usually brings a new trial for the Ingalls family.  When mom hurt her ankle, when they almost lost Jack, when the chimney catches on fire, or even when Indians came into their house and started to take their food.  It is a scary book and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under eight years old.  I love this book and it was a pleasure reading it.


2 responses to “Katie’s Take: Little House on the Prairie

  1. Glad you liked it, Katie! 🙂

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