Katie’s take: Half Magic

We are changing things up a little now in the order of things.  I am writing my review first since I finished the book first.  This already tells you something about the book.  I always read fast the books that I like most.  Some books I can read in one day others it take me a while.  With this book the only reason it took me three days is because I have to eat.  So now I will introduce the characters of this story before we get started.  (Just a little hint the books that I have a long review for I really liked.)

Jane- Jane is best described as a big sister.  That was the characteristic that stood out most to me.  At the beginning of the book you see mostly the bossy and controlling big sister.  Then as the story goes on and it’s her turn ( you’ll get what I mean when you read the story) she changes for the better.  I don’t know what it is like to be the eldest child, but I do know what it feels like to be an only child AND a younger child.  The reason is because I have a brother that is fifteen years older than me and he was away at college from when I was three till I was seven.  The point is, before I go on a long rant on how I had no siblings until all of a sudden this stranger came into my life and said ‘Hey I’m your brother’, that I don’t know what the responsibility is like so I can not judge her too much, but I’m sure my mom can since she was the eldest of four.

Mark- Mark is the only boy in he family so it must be hard for him with a house full of girls.  He is also my favorite character in the story.  It takes him a little longer than the others to understand what is happening to them.  He is my favorite character because he lives with all these girls and he still manages without a dad in the house.  Since he gets to change first he seems to be more grown up than the others until they’ve all had their turn.  Another thing about Mark is that he is kind of difficult to describe unless you have read the book, so I think that I will end talking about him here.

Katharine- Katharine is more of a classics lover like poems or Shakespeare.  Which explains why she……..Well I won’t tell you that because that would give most of the story about Katharine away.  Being one of the middle children she isn’t as noticed than the others.  Jane is the oldest, Mark is the only boy, and Martha is the youngest, so that kind of leaves Katharine out there in the middle of everybody.  She makes a point of stating this somewhere in the middle of the book to Jane, when Jane was saying she would be first in the adventure.  So Katharine gets to go after Mark, even though he didn’t really expect it.  Lets just say something magical happens in Mark’s roller skates.  I think that is basically all I can say about Katharine.

Martha- Martha being the youngest thinks that everyone else doesn’t appreciate her as much as they do the other children.  We learn that she has a part in all of this like the others.  She makes the second wish ( Jane made the first one without knowing it and makes a snobbish kid upset by it) that lasts a while and is one of the more funny wishes.  And a hint on what happens when it’s her turn is ‘The Martians are invading!  Run for your life.’  That is all about her that stands out to me in the story.

Carrie (the cat)- Carrie is the family cat.  She is lazy and a little on the chubby side.  there isn’t much to say about her except that she, like all the others, has her say in all of this.  At least she has half her say ( Oh! I love making cheap puns.)

I haven’t mentioned everybody in this story, I talked about the main people (And their cat).  It is definitely in my top ten favorite books ever.  I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone seven or below because they might not fully grasp the concept.  This book has almost everything in it. It has knights, romance, deserts, and a lot of other things to (or at least half of lots of other things).  If you want to understand my review than you’ll have to read the book and THEN read my review again.


2 responses to “Katie’s take: Half Magic

  1. Edward Eager was always one of my favorite authors- I was so sad that he didn’t write more books. I liked Half Magic a lot, but TIme Garden and Magic by the Lake were my favorite I think.

    Very nice review.

  2. I think the phrase “with this book the only reason it took me three days is because I have to eat” tells us everything about how much you love the book.
    They should put that comment on the back cover.

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