We’re still here!

Sorry for the delay in getting along with our posting.  We are still reading and getting ready for our joint review of My Father’s Dragon.  It makes no sense that it has taken us so long to post a review of a book that is less than 100 pages long, but there it is.

When I first had got the idea for this blog, I envisioned us posting several times a week about this and that and reading books at a steady pace of one a week or so.  Well, that is just not how it has worked out so far – more like one a month!  We’d better pick up the pace so we can finish the list before Katie goes off to college.

I’m confident we’ll figure out how to do this joint blogging thing – school is almost out, so I anticipate having a bit more freedom to organize ourselves.  I’ll have to make sure Katie doesn’t read through half the list while I’m trying to get organized!

So, we’ll review My Father’s Dragon today or tomorrow, and I’ll finish The Graveyard Book (Katie is finished).  We have drawn the next five titles out of the hat, so we will soon post them as well.

And we are so happy to know that many of you are reading along with us!


One response to “We’re still here!

  1. You get to it, when you get to it. Life intervenes as we all know. 😉

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