Summer preview?

When we first started this blog, I was a bit concerned that Katie might not be able to keep up with me well enough for us to keep ourselves moving through the list at a respectable pace.

Parents can be so arrogant.

Sure, with the first couple of books, I finished first, and nagged a bit for her to hustle along, though I understood she had school and sports practices and things.  Then, she finished Half Magic in a few days.  I finished My Father’s Dragon first, but she sat down and read it while I made dinner one night.   Not only did she finish The Graveyard Book before me, but she also finished All of a Kind Family (which I have not yet started) before we even have our Graveyard reviews posted.  I have convinced her to at least write that review before starting the next book.

She still has a month of school, so I have a few weeks to adjust my reading rhythms; I think I should be preparing myself to shift into very high reading gear.


2 responses to “Summer preview?

  1. LOL my kids kicks my butt in the reading thing too. I am WAY behind him

    • I am just hoping I can keep up! The good thing is, we should be able to make some steady progress through the list over the next few months.

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