Katie’s Take: All-of-a-Kind Family

Katie’s Take:

I think that we have been keeping the ball rolling pretty well this past month or so.  It kind of helps that I have been one book ahead of my mom this whole time so that we each get  a book to ourselves.  But you know I think that I will just start the talking about the book right now.

Mama- If you  had to describe Mama in five words they would be, at least for me: clever, quaint, pretty, worrisome, motherly.  Most of this words come from when she is with her five kids. She keeps the house tidy and organized.  She also makes up games for the kids to like cleaning.

Papa- Papa is a kind father who is stuck in a house full of girls and wants a son very badly, but he still loves all his little girls with all his heart.  There is really nothing more to say about Papa except he is a hard worker with a kind heart.

The Library Lady-  The new Library Lady is a sweet young lady who seems to be sad, but the girls can’t figure out why.  She helps Sarah out when she loses her library book and is always ready to talk to the girls.  Even though she isn’t Jewish she shares in some of their holidays when they invite her over to their house.

Charlie- Charlie comes to Papa’s shop occasionally and is a very close family friend.  He also gets very sad sometimes because he has lost the girl he loves because his parents didn’t approve of their marriage.  Charlie gives the girls presents almost every time he comes to visit them at their house.

Ella-  Ella is the oldest of the five children and acts like she is the oldest and in charge.  She is a good sister besides when she acts to much like a boring grown-up (as the other girls would say).

Henny- Henny is the second oldest of the five and is the most adventurous and curious.  In the book there is a time when she gets lost,  but she actually was glad because she got candy and ice cream. Mama calls her her ‘wild one’.

Sarah-  Sarah is what you would call the ‘quiet kind’.  She isn’t the most memorable of the girls.  Really the only times she stands out are when she loses her library book and when she refuses to eat her soup.

Charlotte-  Charlotte is not exactly quiet, but she doesn’t stand out from the other girls that much.  She doesn’t really like to wait to get things though.

Gertie- Gertie is the youngest and used to it being that way.  She is very protective of her position to, as we find out at the end of the book.
Gertie is at that age where you can either act like a little kid or try to act like your big sisters.  She chooses both.

I think this is a good book for people who just want to sit down and read something simple, but not a little kids’ book.  Over all a very appealing novel.


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