Dramas of an almost Thirteen Year Old

For something a little different – some bonus stuff from Katie!

Hi people of this blog.  I have not written one post besides the ones about the books.  So I decided it was about time you learned something about me that came from me.  So now I present Dramas of an almost Thirteen Year Old.

I know the question what goes on inside an almost thirteen year old girls mind is not on the top of most of your minds, but I am going to tell you anyway.  My main thoughts are about sports, Lord of the Rings (mainly Viggo Mortenson/Aragorn), my trip to the east coast coming up, babysitting, the next pool party I am attending, the next book I am going to read, the fact that I need a new swimsuit, and I am almost a teenager.  Like lots of people around this time I am having my first crush, which really creeps me out.  At my school there has been the mean girls( girl in my case) who blames you for everything and doesn’t like you for no apparent reason. I still try to workout when I can and my family goes on hikes together occasionally.  I have acne that is not too bad and is going away so I am very excited.  I can actually relax and enjoy my summer because I got my S.A.T.  and report card back and I was happy to see that I did better than I expected.  I was also glad to see that I scored a 99, 94, and a 91 in my creative language part of the S.A.T.

Everyone that new since I came to California keeps saying I remember when you where only four and then sighing as though remembering.  I still have my best friend that I had when I was three and I think our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years.  We even have started a babysitting business together for the people with small children in the couple’s group that goes on once a week at my house.  And that is what goes on inside an almost thirteen year old girls mind.  Thank you for reading.


2 responses to “Dramas of an almost Thirteen Year Old

  1. Adriana @ Classical Quest

    Lovely stuff! Thirteen year old girls have thoughts full of promise, which is very interesting indeed! I wrote a list of life goals when I was thirteen. Ten years later, I came upon the list in a box of keepsakes and realized that I had accomplished everything on the list (except for getting married and having children, but that eventually happened too!) You are entering an exciting time of your life and it is wonderful that you have something so rich as a love for great literature in common with your mother.

  2. Nice to “meet” you. Hope you are enjoying the current book according to the sidebar here (Swallows and Amazons).

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