Vacation stories

We are far behind on our blogging, and we are currently on vacation, but I thought I’d share a few photos from North Carolina.  We had lunch by a lake, and looking out onto the water, Katie kept saying, “That’s just like in Swallows and Amazons!”

So here are some lake photos, from Lake Norman – or maybe they’re from Swallows and Amazons…..












2 responses to “Vacation stories

  1. I’ve just shown these to Tinson1, who’s off to North Carolina next month. His girlfriend has been looking up the weather there and says that they’ve had a lot of thunderstorms, so I hope you had good weather.

    • We just missed the storms – saw a lot of branches and some trees down in Washington, DC, and the power went out briefly when we had dinner with friends there, but we just had the heat.

      Katie’s comment as we landed in NC was, “It’s very green here” – though I think it might be less impressively green to someone from Ireland 🙂

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