Back at it

School has started.  Katie’s summer reading is completed and I need to catch up!

Just a note to let you know that we are working out a blogging schedule so as to be more regular and predictable for all of you who are good enough to follow us.  I’ve learned to adjust my expectations for working our way through this list of 100 books together.  Clearly, I was more than a bit naive/overzealous/just plain silly when I thought we’d be able to read and review all of the books within a couple of years.

So now I realize it will be great if we can get it done by the time Katie graduates from high school – and that’s fine.  It will be a good exercise in writing and discipline and writing discipline for both of us.  We would do the reading anyway – the tricky bit is to think about it and figure out how best to share it with the world – or at least the part of the world that stops by here.

So – this week, I’ll get the author info for The Witch of Blackbird Pond up and Katie will publish her review, and we’ll be back in action.  Stay tuned!


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