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Katie’s Take: Watsons Go to Birmingham (1963)

Watsons Go to Birmingham is a book that is written in a way that you feel like you could be in 1963.  From Kenny’s eyes it is just life, but being a thirteen year old in 2012 it was very interesting to see what things where like back then.

Joetta- Joetta is the youngest Watson’s child and doesn’t like anyone to be hurt or get in trouble.  She often cries for other people even if she doesn’t know whats wrong yet.

Kenny- Kenny is the narrator of this story.  He is an average nine year old that is easy to relate to.  He is smart and a good brother to his little sister.  He believes most things his older brother Byron says.  He doesn’t get into a lot of trouble, but there are some times that his brother has to help him out, even though usually it is the other way around.

Byron- Byron is the oldest child, but at the beginning he was probably the most immature child.  He beat people up, tricked his parents, and bought stuff with out asking his parents.  However, close to the end of the book he starts growing up and taking his responsibilities more seriously.

Momma and Dad- Momma is the regular hard working mom who loves her children and takes no pleasure in punishing them (with Joetta around she never really gets to either).  Dad is a fun dad who loves to spend time with his kids when he isn’t at work, but still works hard to provide for his family.

It a lovely book and I am sure that it will make you laugh and also see a family that loves each other no matter what situation they get into.  I would recommend this book for 8 and up because somethings move at a fast pace and it sometimes uses big words.  It would also be a great read aloud if you have a long car ride and a willing reader (like my mom).